Peanut butter Jelly Time

Hello there

Firstly I have to apologize for the lack of posting recently. The past few days have been challenging and finding time to blog hasnt really happened. 

A highlight over the weekend was our visit to Friends of Jesus. Friends of Jesus is a weekly   play group and bible teaching club for the Kigali street children. My climbing frame potential was well utilized. As you can imagine  the number of hard stories were big but thankfully their smiles were bigger. 



This week is the start of week six and on top of our current work we have been given new and exciting projects to get involved in.  We are  going to begin to work on our man points and start building a house this weekend. I am ready to get my hands dirty and compete for the largest blister. We are also starting to develop a blog for AEE to promote their work and on Friday we plan to paint a member of the self help groups home. All of this to  work towards leaving a legacy.  These new opportunities are such an answer to prayer. New challenges and new opportunities. Keeping it fresh. 

In the catch up school this week Hannah and I are starting a girls lesson for the eldest class. We have been allocated one hour a week and we are planning to teach on topics including: HIV/Aid prevention, women in leadership, women rights and women bible figures. All the topics are close to my heart so I am looking forward to this. 

As I write this I am on a bit of a high. Today I have found out my cousin is getting married and Tom searched the whole of Kigali to find me some home treats. HERO.


Peanut butter and rice cakes AND JELLY BABIES in Africa…. This is the way to a women’s heart!

Right I time to sign off. Its time for a run. 


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